Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Closet of Friends

acrylic on found wood door
12 x 38

Her unconventionality never bothered me until we were around others. It was then that I bit my tongue and turned my head. Her lack of etiquette stung my very core.
There she sat at an elegant brunch with both elbows abruptly planted upon the crisp, white linen tablecloth. The clink, clink clinking as she stirred her tea with the tip of her knife echoed throughout the room. I noticed the hostess making a point to stir her tea with the designated spoon as a obvious example. My friend kept stirring, elbows and all.
But she is who she is and she makes no excuses. What I hate most is the shame I feel and the guilt that follows. Why can't I excuse her behavior?
The whole incident made me realize the different roles each of my friends play in my life. Like the clothes I wear, my friends possess all the unique qualities as my wardrobe. My closet of friends. The challenge was choosing what to wear or like that program,"What Not To Wear." Perhaps it wasn't appropriate to wear a sweatshirt to that elegant brunch. I should have chosen that cute sweater set and floral skirt.
On the other hand, that sweatshirt was just perfect for the camping trip.
I once invited a sweater set to a backyard barbecue. While she looked cute, as always, I could tell she felt out of place. My old sweatshirt would have been more comfortable.
I recently purchased a very colorful scarf. When I wrap that scarf around me, I feel alive.
I know it's unfair to compare my new scarf to my old sweatshirt or possibly the sweater set. I just need to be careful when to wear it. I am quite fond of it. It is
funny how a scarf can brighten up the drabbest of all outfits.
Although, I can't stop thinking about the sweatshirt.
I have had it for so many years; I don't know what I'd do if something happened to it.

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Anonymous said...

The scarf reminds me of sunday...We were doing our daily walk. (We walk about 5+ km one way now). We saw Oma out riding her bike with Opa and son. She was walking her bike up the hill because she couldn't make it on the bike. She had on shorts, a t-shirt, a vest and a helmet on. Wrapped around her neck was a colorful matching scarf. Wouldn't want to get a draft now!

I couldn't help but smile and chuckle softly until they were out of hearing range and then busted out laughing. A scarf to keep off the draft while you're riding a bike! ha ha ha.

We miss you.
Lisa and Sree