Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Destination

Our last weekend in Germany we went to Dachau. It was a trip we meant to take many times during our stay, but never seemed to have the time. It was symbolically our last destination, as it was for the many people that were persecuted there.
The concentration camp in Dachau is a memorial site visited every year by over a million people from all over the world.
The air was solemn that hot afternoon as we watched the many tourists taking their photos. Walking the long white graveled roads from building to building, you could hardly imagine the hardship and suffering that took place. A black and white photo at the entrance of the crematorium shows the building relatively unchanged. Feelings of reluctant curiosity formed a lump in my throat as I found myself standing in front of a huge iron oven. We all know what happened there.
We then visited the cramped living quarters where they slept on wooden slats. I, the tourist, snapped a photo of the toilets. I couldn't resist the perfect light entering through the window. Ashamed by my artistic self, I had forgotten what was behind the lens.
Most things are easier that way. This certainly was one of them.
John wanted a photo of the famous gate with the words,"Arbeit Macht Frei". A man closed it just before he took the shot. He said that it would make the photo more realistic. I left Dachau wondering just how a perfectly staged photo would make the horrendous events that occurred here seem more realistic. The words,"more realistic" are still ringing in my mind as I find myself so far away in Ohio, of all places with a new house and a new car
longing for a larger lens.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tattooed Trees

An orchestra of
cicadas perform
in a forest of
tattooed trees.
Shadowed shapes are
puzzled pieced
surrounded by white noise.

I found a place to walk today.

Loooking For Signs

When faced with a big decision, one usually looks for signs to help guide them. I have always been a strong believer in signs and what they symbolize, whether I am faced with a difficult decision, or not. I am forever searching for meaning in the world around me. This can be exhausting at times, because some things are just the way they are and not up to us to interpret or understand. I also believe in fate and that I am led by a higher power to people, places, and things.
I am happy to report that we found a house and such a wonderful house it is!

Every morning this past week when we left the base to begin another grueling day of house hunting, I noticed a beaver on the side of the road. I honestly don't think I have seen a beaver before, just roaming around, other than in the zoo. After the third day of seeing him, I started to wonder if maybe he was a "sign". You may remember that in Germany I was attending classes at the University of Google. I have decided to continue my studies here in Dayton and will be enrolling in more classes.

I found that the beaver symbolizes building your life around your dreams. The beaver was telling me to believe in my dreams and by working diligently they will become a reality.

I did not see the beaver the morning of the day that the sellers accepted our offer. I looked hard for him in his usual place. He was probably off building a new home to begin his own dreams. This will be our first house together; a place of my dreams and a place to dream even more.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Waiting In Dayton

Waiting In Dayton

Judging covers
moving on
Quick decisions,
a feel for things.
Quiet sleepy streets.
Loud noisy beats
Not enough space,
and visit again.
This is quick.
This is fast.
What's the hurry?
What's the rush?
A roof above,
A place to be,
A place to slumber
Wait to see.
Does it really matter?
Put us here
Put us there
Get it over with
I don't care......

Way To Go Ohio

We made it!
We have been here just a few days.
If any of you have seen two desperate looking people driving a blue Jeep with 2 bored dogs hanging out the window in your neighborhood, have mercy on us. We are homeless!
Our time living in temporary housing expires in one week.
We have a few houses picked out, but are still searching.
I found this one the other day, but I think another military family might already be living there.
I will keep you posted.........