Saturday, June 21, 2008

Way To Go Ohio

We made it!
We have been here just a few days.
If any of you have seen two desperate looking people driving a blue Jeep with 2 bored dogs hanging out the window in your neighborhood, have mercy on us. We are homeless!
Our time living in temporary housing expires in one week.
We have a few houses picked out, but are still searching.
I found this one the other day, but I think another military family might already be living there.
I will keep you posted.........


Kelly's Korner said...

It's good to hear from you again! We will be praying for you to find the right house.

thorngren said...

Thanks Kelly! I know He has one waiting for us,just wish He'd show us a little quicker. These things are never on our own time,though. I must pray for patience.

Anonymous said...

Kick out the chickens and cows; there may be enough room. (chuckle) By your humorous post, you seem to be keeping in good spirits.