Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have managed to talk the movers into packing my computer last. I begged, I pleaded. I even batted my eyes. So here I am sneaking in one last blog entry. I am Ralph Malph and I still got it. Can't really remember or was it Potsie Weber?
Yesterday only one man showed up to pack us out and he didn't speak English. Right now I am looking over all the descriptions that he wrote on the packed boxes. There are two big boxes marked,"SHORS". Those boxes are the most important. They are my babies and my favorite ones are traveling in my suitcase. They are my shoes in case you are confused.
I have been completely stressed out over the whole event. I have to keep telling myself that all these things being packed away are just things. There is so much more in my life right now and it shouldn't matter if all these things fall in the ocean on the way back to the States.
Right before I got married my house was broken into and all my "things " were stolen. They took everything that I had identified with and placed importance in.
I entered into this marriage without the burden of "things".
It was a blessing in disguise, but it has taken a long time for me to realize it. I still am upset about the sentimental things that cannot be replaced, like my grandmother's costume jewelry and a recipe box that my Aunt made for me with family recipes. I wonder if the crack heads that took it are making Grand-Maw's creole gumbo for dinner tonight.
All the "things" that I have now are being bubble wrapped, taped, and boxed. These are not just my "things" anymore, but ours.
I am feeling guilty for placing more value on them and I am even more scared.
I am also confused about the feelings I am having leaving the people I have met in the past three years.
Am I sad about leaving them or just leaving myself; the person I was while in Germany? I know that this whole experience has changed me. Life will be different back in the States. I am so sensitive to my environment. It makes me wonder if it is possible to ever truly know someone.
When the moving truck arrived early this morning I felt a little more at ease. You see,
Christ is moving us back home.
Our things are in good hands.
Ohio here we come!!


Anonymous said...

Please bring your long, thick blonde braid with you. I love it. Don't cut you hair in a bob; keep your German braid. Bob in Texas

Theresa said...

Life is so different over in Germany than it is in the states therefore we become different. Our day to day routines, thoughts, exposures, views...etc are all foreign to our own selves..until we realize that we have changed. Change is the scariest part of life and that is probably what you are most sad about. Change of environment, scenery, culture, people, affects is regardless on how much we try to not allow it.
but remember who YOU are and just stay true to YOU..that is all you can ask of yourself to do.
Just know that as long as you have You and your husband...that STUFF is just that. Memories are in your head and heart and those will never be taken away. So IF you lose all your STUFF...the best part of it you will continue to have!!
Good luck on your move

thorngren said...

Thank you Theresa. Your kind words mean a lot to me. I will keep in touch whenever I am near a computer.

Distressing Delilah said...

Your life in Germany is not is the things you did and felt there..but you are still the same person as when you went there..when you peel all that away..if that makes any sense at all. I think anytime you have spent part of your life someplace..some heart strings pull when you leave. But now you are off on a new aventure sort of..bringing all you experienced with you...and all your gorgeous art to share also.. Hope you have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Christ is moving you forward!
Wishing a safe voyage to you and all your stuff.

88heather said...

Hey MB!!

Well Christ moved us too.. and we made it!! OMG.. I squealed with delight yesterday when I got refill after refill WITH ICE on my diet coke!! I was giddy!! hehe

I haven't been back to the states in 4 years so it was definitely reverse culture shock!! But so exciting. You won't lose yourself.. but will only grow.. I can't wait to see what you paint when you get back stateside!

I'll be interested to read your witty comments when you back from across the pond ;).

Exciting!! and Happy happy move!! :0)

Abby Creek Art said...

Hope the move is going well. How is Schatzi doing with the changes?

Maisie and I send many hugs!