Monday, May 26, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen

Just a little collage of German memories.
It looks like we spent the last 3 years drinking and wearing funny hats. I bet you are thinking we could have done that back in the States.
Our time here in Deutschland has been quite an adventure. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Like I have said before, I am sad and happy at the same time about leaving.
I plan to continue with this blog when we get settled in Dayton.
It will probably be sometime near the end of July.
I hope you all don't forget about me.
I have a feeling Ohio will challenge my creativity, as far as sharing interesting blog posts.
You must not loose faith in me.
I am planning on finding a great big studio with lots of new work to share.
Thank you all for the nice comments over the last year.
I will talk to you soon,
Bis dann,
Mary Beth


Anonymous said...

I love catching up with you on your blog, so I am glad you plan to continue blogging.

Have a safe trip home.


corinnea said...

Don't stop blogging! I love your work and your thoughts... safe travels.

Theresa said...

I completely understand. I lived in Germany twice and still miss it very much and want to go back. Will miss your blogs while you are transitioning.

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth,
I won't forget about you. One of the first times I came here I saw your white tulip painting. The beautiful image of that painting is stuck in my mind. I'll be checking in until your return. Good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

We will miss your interesting blogs.
We will look forward to hearing about your new adventures in the US. We wish you the very best.
Your Texas fans.

thorngren said...

Thank you everyone for the nice comments!