Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scotland With Friends

We are back and what a great time we had! Scotland was so beautiful and the people were so happy and friendly. Quite a difference from ole Deutschland. ( It doesn't matter. I can say this because we are leaving in 2 weeks.)
We rented a car and drove from Edinburgh to the Highlands. Brian did all the driving with John navigating in the passenger seat, which was really our driving seat. I made a sign for the back window that said, "Caution American Driver". He did a great job, considering he only took out a few sheep and one old lady standing too close to the side of the road. It was her fault.
Mike Meyers was right when he said that all Scottish food was based on a dare.
We all tried haggis and believe it or not, it was pretty tasty. I will be like the waitress that served us and not tell you what it is until you actually try it. I believe they enjoy pulling this on unknowing tourists.
We also went to a distillery and learned all about Scotch; not the sticky tape, but the liquor.
I hope you enjoy this little slide show!
Tomorrow will be my last post, because the movers are coming on Wednesday and they will be taking my computer. I am already starting to go through withdrawl.


Anonymous said...

I like the song, good choice. The photos are great. We'll miss you and your posts. Lurking Lisa

Kelly's Korner said...

How'd you get that song to play? Is it embedded in your slide show? We're going to miss you in Stuttgart! And PS. how did you NOT know what haggis is? Next time make sure you get your fill of British TV or research before you head up north. They have some ... er ... interesting choices of food! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a humorous side too! (giggle)