Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Returning The Shoes

3ft x 4ft
acrylic on masonite
I painted this right before I met John in 2003.
I was looking for someone to share my nest.
This painting hangs above a couch...............
I must warn you the content in the following post may be offensive.
In no means do I mean it to be so, but I cannot contain myself.
I may be cutting off my nose to spite my face, but let me return to the USA without that feature and a loss of sense.
I have come to the conclusion that the term , "Art for the Masses" must be changed to "Art for the Artistically Impaired". This new term is more justified.
The 3 years I have been in Germany I have been working in an entirely different vein. My choice in subject matter has allowed me to develop my technique in painting more realistically. I have been quite fortunate to have this time to explore this and document all the wonderful places we have been.
On the other hand, I have struggled with the fact that my work is lacking in concept. I am aware that it is more decorative than my abstract work and possibly more popular.
I once read an artist’s biography that stated she didn’t create art for artists. I remember being impressed by her conviction. Now I am not so sure.
Maybe artists are the only people that truly understand art.
What exactly is art for the masses and just who are the masses?
The woman with the red kitchen, the woman with the negative space above her couch,
or the woman perplexed because her living room is missing something, but has no idea just what?
She shops for art at Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, or God forbid, those posters stores in the mall. When asked to name her favorite artist she can't help but express her love for Thomas Kinkade.
She carries her paint and fabric swatches in that oversized Gucci bag waiting for that right painting. That piece that will really pull the room together.
You know the type.
In the future I think it might be easier if I include an instructional booklet with each of my paintings.
Perhaps something similiar to those little plastic tabs in the soil of a new potted plant.
They would read," This piece of art thrives best in a well lit room hanging just above your couch. Painted with neutral tones, it will compliment your lack of creative decor and possibly give you that sense of style you've been searching for."
I received an e-mail from my agents the other day asking me if I plan to be an active artist when I return to the States.
I have tried to peddle my work for the past 3 years myself to no avail.
I guess you really never appreciate someone until you walk a mile in their shoes-maybe more.
I am tired of walking in these shoes.
I am returning them because
they have rubbed horrible blisters on my poor feet.


Theresa said...

So true so true...I love it.

Kelly's Korner said...

MB- I know EXACTLY how you feel! Everytime someone looks at my glass and asks me if I can render some random graphic they designed I think to myself... I think you're mistaking me for Snapfish! These were my sentiments (although not so poetic) to my husband just a few days ago! I hope you have better luck letting someone else doing your peddling so you can just be you!

Anonymous said...

And man looked down and brought forth the agent who could translate the maniacal mumblings of the artistically impaired for the unhappy artist. The agent then decreed, “Paint. Enjoy your seclusion. But first you must bequeath unto me the biggest chunk of the pie and only paint what I tell you: dribble for dribble’s sake.”

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to look at "Nest". I enjoy paintings that hold my attention and cause me to think. There's a lot to see in "Nest" and it seems to change into something else every time I look at it.

I'm a bit confused... are you saying that for the past 3 years your realistic work has not sold? or do you mean your abstracts have not sold? Will you return to abstract works?

I have a neighbor who is very proud of his Thomas Kinkade. I bit my tongue as he went on and on about how much he loved it. (shiver)

thorngren said...

Chewy- the past three years I have tried to sell my work myself in shows and bazaars on the military base. I sold a few, but would rather have my agent do it from now on- returning the shoes.Too much stress and heart ache. I plan to return to my abstracts and do realism on a commission basis.
Glad you like Nest. It is one of my favorites. Your latest post with the figure painting is quite similar.
Thomas Kinkade is the master of LIGHT!!