Thursday, May 8, 2008


Blue Rose
16 x20
acrylic collage on paper

As our days in Germany decrease, everything is becoming more meaningful.
For it may be the last time.
I am flooded with so many questions.
Is this the last time I'll see tree shadows across the church down the hill?
Will the many cobblestones I've walked fallback in my mind?
And still
the old man in the window that never waved.
Only a nod
just barely
only once.
I wonder.
I make plans to slumber with future dreams under a canopy of Black Forest trees.
Hills of yellow
Hills of green
forever fading toward
a slowly setting sun
even further far away
I ask myself
Is what I see a memory
or just what I see today?


Anonymous said...

I too, have those thoughts, but surely can't get them from my brain to the keyboard. Very nice, my dear. Lurking Lisa

Kelly's Korner said...

Awwww! We're going to miss you so much! I always love hanging out with you that once a year you actually come to Patch! (Just kidding! Much happiness in the new place!)

Abby Creek Art said...

These last two collages are are such a talent!