Friday, June 12, 2009

Tra La La, Avoid The Crabs

Tra La La Necklaces
each measuring 18 inches
can be worn on those particular days when you need a little armor.
Wear any one of these, hold your head high, and tell those crabs " Tra La La!"

Avoid The Crabs
I was just a tourist in your misery.
You must have noticed my travel sized toothpaste and shampoo in the bathroom.
My stay could have only lasted as long as a those miniature bottles.
While I was visiting, I learned more about myself than I did about you.
Not only am I allergic to shellfish,
in particular crabs;
they terrify me.
I am cringing now as I think of
their hard shells and claws that pinch, at any given moment.
Why the hell do they have to be so protected? When
their mere appearance is enough to frighten anyone.
I wonder if you realize the hard shell you wear is very much like a crab.
When you bear your claws, just exactly what are you protecting?
And come to think of it, your appearance is not so appealing.
At any rate,
I am glad I am allergic.
It gives me more reasons to stay away.
Kinda like a stay-cation.


Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is beautiful. Your poem "Avoid The Crabs" has set my mind to the ocean... in these little jewels I see a starfish and a sand dollar.

Thanks for the comment. - My paintings have made a switch to more figurative images. The abstract backgrounds keep me happy and the critters make my viewers happy... and I'm enjoying it all!

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of a line from my first novel, “Ugly is as ugly does.”
Jon Thörngren