Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Had To Be A Big Shot

My Mother's Cross
A recent excavation in Spain has found that Neanderthals wore jewelry!!
No, this necklace isn't one of the relics, but almost. The cross was my mother's, that she wore in the 70's. The other trinkets are thrift store finds and pieces that friends have gifted me.
Archaeologists found shells with holes drilled in them. Perhaps, they were strung on a necklace or even a bracelet. Wearing jewelry denotes the ability of symbolic thinking.
Maybe these primitive beings weren't as primitive as we thought.
Humans have been adorning themselves with ornamentation for 250,000 years! I would bet that Neanderthal woman was trying to detract from her prominent brow ridge. All women should be aware of this detract-the-eye trick, especially if they are Neanderthalish. A colorful scarf paired with a chunky necklace can work wonders!
I really don't want to think they were trying to embellish their looks. I mean, who wants to draw attention to yourself when you're chinless and have a forward jutting jaw.
I think that we need to change our opinions about Neanderthals . They've had a bad rapt for long enough. Desiring bling is a sign if higher thinking that sets you apart from a crowd. You know, makes a statement
"Ornaments show you're part of the in-crowd, or a big shot. Early humans used symbols, and it's considered a hallmark of an intelligent, social species"
Joao Zihao, archaeologist University of Bristol in England

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