Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Child

Tuesday's child is full of grace according to Mother Goose. That grace being only physical not
All knowing soothsayer, Mother Goose, you sealed my fate as a young girl.
Had I been born on any other day, I would have known how to act at that absurd party called, "mommies night out".
Why wasn't I informed that there was a title?
Since, I was born so close to Wednesday, I am only half full of woe.
I guess, it could have been worse fate to be born on a Thursday. That child was told that they had far to go. I am beginning to think Mother Goose wasn't such a nice old lady after all. Good luck in life Thursday's child. You've got a tough load ahead of you.
Friday's child is full of love and giving. Now that sounds like a good day to be born. TGIF! I bet Friday's child could have handled a bunch of mommies droning on and on about their kids.
And how about Saturday's child that has to work so hard for a living?
Poor Saturday's child
She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey
she works hard for the money
so you better treat her right
Donna Summer was probably born on a Saturday.
Now there's Sunday the Sabbath. Not a working day.
That is if they never work retail.
This child is supposed to be bonny and happy
wise and gay.
This takes on a whole new connotation this day and age.
I mean, who says bonny anymore?
Lastly, there's Monday's child who is fair of face giving no indication other than this child will have to seek continuous protection from the sun, slather sunblock and always wear some sort of hat.
I bet Mother Goose was born on a Monday.

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