Thursday, October 4, 2007

Angst with little paintings of food

3 paintings
each 8x6
yesterday and today

Not much to report today.
I am a nervous wreck anticipating our trip to Japan next week.
I don't know why I have gotten myself all worked up about it. I should be thrilled because it is a chance of a lifetime.
I guess because every tourist site I've read says to leave your claustrophobia at the door. I don't think that I have this phobia.
I now have closets bigger than some of the studio apartments I onced lived. I've survived a couple MRIs and even snorkeled through caves in the Yucatan.
I just don't like big crowds of people.
Those of you that know me well, also know that I am not particularly fond of small crowds.
I have no idea what to expect and this really has me in a dither.


88heather said...

Nice paintings are these new??

Japan!! wow.. how long will you be there?? exciting!!!!

thorngren said...

Yes, just trying to build more inventory for the Stuttgart Bazaar in March.
We will be in Tokyo for a week-exciting photos to follow- stay tuned..........

Anonymous said...

Cannot decide if I want lemonade or tomato soup! These are well executed. Will look forward to a painting of sushi...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wouldn't worry. You're tall enough that you'll probably be able to see past the crowd in front of you. Lurking Lisa