Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Frances Mayes'
20 x 24
on canvas

I am unable to contain my excitement and don't want to appear childish, but I just cannot help myself. Guess who complimented my painting today? The ultimate brush with fame.
The internet is an amazing thing.


Anonymous said...

Of course...I stand corrected on the Bramasole selling, by the owner herself. Too cool. I probably read somewhere in an interview that stated it was sold. You just can't believe everything you read these days. It's beautiful Marybeth. I hope she buys it! Lurking Lisa

88heather said...

Gorgeous Mary Beth!!! you are so good and very inspiring!!! :0)


JafaBrit's Art said...

I enjoyed playing catch up with your posts and pictures. This is a lovely painting and how cool about the compliment. I love how you did the stone walls.

Carol said...

I love this painting MB. It would be perfect in my den, the colors are just right and I am starting my "Thorgren" collection!!!! How do I go about purchasing this marvelous piece? That is so cool about hearing from the owner of the house, it is a small world afterall. It's nice to be related to someone so talented. Carol

Carol said...

OOps, my typing fast skills aren't what they use to be. I have a "Thorngren" collection. My apologies to the artist.

thorngren said...

Thanks Heather, that means a lot to me.

Glad you caught up Corrine- I had little patience with that wall and faked it most of the way.

Hey Cuz, glad you liked it. All the work that I am spitting out these days is inventory for a European bazaar where I will be selling my work. I cannot sell anything until after March 16th. At that time I could do a commision piece for you, if you'd like. Maybe that particular one will still be available. Just let me know,
cuz in Germany

88heather said...

umm.. I'll see you at the Bazaar!!! I have all fingers and toes crossed for you.. i bet you'll sell well there.. I wish I could do something like that..