Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still life with mandolino

Still life with mandolino
Day 1
20 x 24
acrylic on canvas
Something very odd happened today in Möttlingen, Germany. Something that doesn't happened too often. The sun came out!
I have various still lifes set up throughout my house and this one was catching that rare sunlight just beautifully. Realizing the brevity of this event, I decided to take a few photos to work from.
The mandolin or mandolino in Italian was displayed in our house when I was growing up. I was always fascinated by it's watermelon-like shape and smooth surface, but wasn't allowed to play it. Nobody played the mandolin in our family and I never knew why we had it. It continues to bewilder me now in my own home.
When people come over they always ask if one of us plays the mandolin. This only makes us question why we even own such a strange instrument.
But, things changed today for the mandolin and he has the sun to thank for it.


88heather said...

Cool Marybeth!!! Off to a great start on this.. a mandolin.. is that the same as a violin?.. anyway great that you have it for a still life!! the shine on it will be fun to paint!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the moon and sun were shining bright! I vacuumed. HA. Lurking...