Friday, October 3, 2008

Something to think about

I heard today that when they preformed the autopsy on Albert Einstein
his brain was cut into 240 different pieces.
Throughout his lifetime it was speculated that his brain was larger than average, but
to this date there has been nothing substantial discovered about his intelligence and the size of his brain.
It has been proven that brain size does not determine intellectual ability. If that were so, imagine the lengths people would go for brain augmentation.
So this makes me wonder.
Is there a visible difference between an artist's brain to that of a fool's?


Aloe said...

I love these photos!!! Flippin' Florida only has one season - the HOT season! The beach is fun at times, but, I really miss being able to wear cute accessories like hats and scarves!

Anonymous said...

You heard that on a BBC/PBS broadcast during an interview with an Englishman who studies music and the human brain, right? I had a hard time pulling myself from the radio to go birthday shopping for Cayla in the mall parking lot. Interesting stuff! :)

Lots of hugs!

thorngren said...

Yes I did! I was also sitting in a parking lot at the time. Thanks for stopping by. When ya coming this way?