Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Call

The Call
acrylic collage on paper
16 x 20

Her life was a road trip without a map.
Just when she recognized the scenery, she found herself panicked in a strange neighborhood.
A neighborhood where little kids threw sticks and stones at her car.
" Get that car back where it came from!" they shouted as she circled back onto the highway.
If only she weren't so directionally challenged, her life would be so much easier.
She found herself avoiding the rear view mirror just like her past.
The idea that the objects were closer than they appeared freaked her out.
It only made her drive faster into the unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth,
Not what I would have expected from you! Must be the husband influence. Wondered where you were thanks for the blog.

I hope you are happy and well!

Holly in Denver