Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pick, Hunt N' Peck

I found this 1920's Royal typewriter at a rummage sale for 30 dollars and it got me thinking.
Do you think 80 years from now, some picker such as myself, will be just as excited to find an IPhone in a rummage pile? I know there's hardly any comparison...
I guess, it's inevitable that someday all the technological improvements to getting our point across, may be lost and the words, "what did you just say" foreign to our tongue.

I remember my grandmother loved to type, even though she wasn't very good. I used to love listening to her bang out a letter. I think she helped originate the term, 'hunt n' peck. She typed all the letters she sent to me one summer when I was at camp. I still have them, typos and all. This was before Liquid Paper. I always wondered why she just didn't write. Maybe, it was her way of advancing through technology. Well, maybe not advance. A sweet memory, though.
I'd like to congratulate all my picker friends out there in their efforts for reminding us of our past. It helps us learn who we are today.
It's Spring here, finally, in the Midwest and the sales are just starting.
I wish you happy finds!
Here's a link to my friend, Carrie's blog. She is a professional picker. Her finds really bring back memories!

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