Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rough Around The Edges

I still have lot to learn about country living. The two things I've learned so far are that your mind can really wander when you spend 4 hours on a tractor mowing and you can also make some pretty important decisions during that time.
I wasn't sure what led me to this decision. Maybe, it was the empty gas tank or the fact that I decided to forgo the sunscreen for ample sun time. Not the best tractor decision, I might add. But, when I realized I had a good two more hours to finish, I decided to cut some corners and leave it ' rough around the edges'.
As I drove the tractor back to the barn, I remembered the idiom, 'rough around the edges'. That was my mother's polite way of saying someone was not fitting for me to socialize with. This, of course, only made them more appealing. Looking back she was right, she was always right, and she still is right.
But, doesn't the term, 'rough around the edges' mean that something is unfinished?
Are we all not works in progress?
That would make us all 'rough around the edges'.
Don't you think?
I am still wondering if I made the right decision.
Those rough edges can be quite deceiving,
because they can provide the perfect cover for predators.

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