Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rummage Sale

I came across an on-line rummage sale where locals can post photos of their wares.
I like to look at it not only for good deals, but mostly for amusement.
With a background as a visual merchandiser, it's difficult not to be critical of some of the photos.
Don't people realize the importance of a good photo when they are trying to make a sale?
The word, 'rummage' is more commonly used as a verb; a haphazard search. This makes sense when it's used as an adjective to describe this type of sale. It's haphazard, alright. I know it's not Sotheby's, but come on people.
I ask you,"How tempted are you to buy this mirror?"
I saw an ad for a set of chester drawers for 30 dollars. There was no photo, which only made me curious. Apparently 30 dollars was a steal, because they sold right away, sight unseen. They must have thought it was a "blessing in the skies". So I guess, a good photo is not always necessary. Perhaps, it was the seller's kitchy way of talking that sealed the deal.
Today I am hoping that someone buys that eslectic stove.
Again there is no photo.
I tell you these people are so clever.


Anonymous said...

Funny! You have great sense of humor. I enjoy reading your blog...keep it up.

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

How funny!!! I know I am always looking for those "blessings in the skies".