Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Searching For The Box

I have often been applauded for my ability to think outside of the box. I don't necessarily think it's such a grand feat. I'm rather disturbed by the way my brain operates. You see, if I actually knew where the damn box was, then I'd be more comfortable with the way I come up with solutions. I could be considered more of a rebel.
The "box" is defined as what is obvious. I imagine this box filled with all the obvious answers, the ones I never thought of. I hate this hidden box.
I will never forget the first time this circuitous way of thinking took the stage. It surely made a grand entrance as I played first base on my 8th grade softball team. The batter hit a ground ball directly to me as I stood slightly off the base. Instead of grounding the ball and touching the base, I got on the base and dove on the ball. I'm embarrassed still now. I can still hear my coach saying, "well that's one way to do it".
Yea...let's hear it for thinking outside of the box!
I tend to make the easiest directions more difficult. It's been this way for as long as I can remember .
We had hearing tests in the 1st grade. The nurse conducting the test told me to raise my right or left hand depending which ear I heard the little beep. Simple enough, right? I raised the opposite hand and came very close to wearing hearing aids.
There's been numerous examples throughout the years. Although, I am having trouble thinking of them. All I can recall is the stupefied look on peoples's faces as they shake their head and say, "well, that's one way of doing it".
I've learned to steer clear of those types of people. They act so superior because they know the location of the box. Heck some, simply live there.
I have recently found a group of women that think similarly as me.
It's funny being surrounded by a group of us outside of the box thinkers. I like to imagine being a boxed thinker and what they might think listening to us.
Now that's really thinking outside of the box!


Kelly's Korner said...

Mary Beth, I love this post!!! Sometimes I wish I could get a little farther away from the dreaded box. Never thought of someone wondering where it was in the first place! I love how you put it!

Anonymous said...

What a dull black and white world this would be if "you people" didn't exist. I love everything you bring to the rest of us dullards. It makes our dull vision sparkle with excitement. Keep on jumping out of that box, Jack!

SaraBug said...

Glad to be apart of your world Mary Beth, you make mine a much brighter, more enjoyable place! <3

SaraBug said...

So glad to be apart of your world Mary Beth! :) You make mine much more enjoyable and brighter! <3

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

I grew up with people that lived in the box. It took me 50 years to really that I was not an in the box kind of person. Life is alot more fun when you are good with who you are and don't constantly life your life trying to be someone else's version of what they think you shoud be. Dan