Tuesday, June 26, 2007


second day on this painting...
i plan to finish tomorrow. the top of the bottle looks a bit wonky and i need to work more into the fabric folds. I swear it looks better in the photo.
Still yucky German weather-rain and wind...
Still no phone and internet is very sketchy.
I wanted to tell you about a book that I read the other day by Nora Ephron called I Feel Bad About My Neck.
My mom sent it to me, not because I feel bad about my neck, but because it deals with getting older and the things that start to change. It's very funny, but written for women my mother's age-60ish. Although, some of it I can relate to at my age. Katherine pointed out to me yesterday that I am 40 and a half.
It is funny to me how the German word for 40 and the German word for finished sound the same. There have been a few times that I have been asked how old I am and I have told people that I am finished.
I painted for too long today and I ache all over.

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bbtinholting said...

What a difference a day makes.
Guess that's true about everything,huh?
Very impressive.