Saturday, June 23, 2007


My first blog entry.....
I finished this still life the other day.
The longest that I have spent on a painting - a week and half! I got this this piece of pottery in Deruta, Italy to hold olive oil. My friend, Katherine-whom I will refer to often. So I won't be putting the "my friend" always in front of her name. I always do this, even when speaking. I guess that I have to remind everyone that I have a friend. Anyways, she and I bought the same ones. We keep them in our kitchens to remind us of the cooking class we took in Tuscany-close to our heart and our close to our stove.

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TDS said...

I freaking love that painting! If I come to Germany before you leave, do I get it for Christmas? :)

You have two friends, and you know, I'll alway be one. Love you!