Friday, July 11, 2008


9 x12
on paper

We ordered Chinese the other night and my fortune cookie said that my heart will make itself known through my words.
A comment on yesterday's post asked if I included my writings with my art when I sell them.
With my fortune cookie in mind, I wonder if I am limiting myself by allowing you to know the stories behind the work. At what point does the work become a literal illustration?
I believe the joy of abstract work lies in the freedom of interpretation . We all see things differently.
So the answer is no. No, I do not include the writings when I send work to my agents. I am only sharing this with you on my blog.
It's like a visual diary, so to speak.
With that in mind, today's painting is about light.
Since all my supplies are still somewhere in transit, in limbo, or purgatory; I am working with this little set of opaque watercolors. I cannot achieve the level of contrast with them as I would like. I ran out of white and was too lazy to go get more. This painting is about light in low contrast with barely any white.
You see, sometimes it's better not to know the story behind the art.


Theresa said...

It is still a very beautiful piece hun!! I love it!

Kelly's Korner said...

That was a really good answer! Then I will count myself as one of the lucky few who gtts a little insight into the inspiration behind the art.

Anonymous said...

Well, after a year, I think you might have enough material to promote a book. You should compile your best/favorite posts and see if a publisher would be interested. Your agent should be able to guide you. Good Luck. Lurking Lisa. Miss ya here in ole germany. P.S. What's it like to have a/c again? No more bad hair days?

thorngren said...

Theresa and Kelly-thanks for the compliments!
I want to do something like that, maybe with my poetry.
The water here is so soft. I had planned on cutting all my hair off,now I changed my mind. Our new house has a whole house fan.Can't wait- also a/c.......

88heather said...

hehe MB.. you got A/c?? Yay!!!.. and back to 110 voltage.. makes everything easier fur sure!! hehe ;)

love love your abstracts.. and love reading what you write..

Send some of your energy my way.. will ya? :)

Do you have canvas with you or is that still on the boat?.. I have some.. just have to find the energy to get to them. :)

Distressing Delilah said...

You seem to be doing just fine with your limited supplies! I love this post too!

Anonymous said...

In a way, here on the blog... your "art" will make itself known through your words. To your agents and galleries your art may inspire different words and stories.

I enjoy when viewers interpret my art through their own eyes and feelings. I struggle with titles at times because they may set a specific interpretation.