Thursday, July 10, 2008


9 x12
on paper
I once knew a man who could limbo. Imagine my surprise the first time I saw him contort his 6ft. 2 inch frame neatly under a broomstick held just a few feet above the ground.
He said it was all about control.
I later found out he had issues, control issues.
That was the day I carelessly placed a salad fork in the dinner fork slot of the utensil drawer.


Theresa said... question is ...did you leave it there?? that would drive me crazy--as it did reading this, how funny is that. It isn't even MY drawer or MY forks, yet I freaked at the thought of it...what if that was me carelessly doing that? oh no, i would have to fix it...haha

thorngren said...

No he freaked and lost control. It put his whole world in disarray.
I guess order is just not so important to me in that regard. I find order in chaos. You saw the photo of my painting table in my studio-right?

Aloe said...

Sounds like a case of OCD to me! I don't care where the forks go as long as they are at least in the same drawer as the rest of the eating utensils. ;)

corinnea said...

I wish I could take a (horrible?) memory and paint it beautiful.

If somone puts my forks away, I am grateful. If they put them in wrong, I must admit, I quietly rearrange them later... but my work table? Yikes!

Kelly's Korner said...

Mary Beth, do you include your writings when you sell (or give away) your art? I think they really give so much meaning to your pieces.

Anonymous said...

Very Julia Roberts in Sleeping With the Enemy-esq.