Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I’ve read that dreams about losing your teeth are very common. They symbolize a fear of change and transition. Twice this week and it’s only Wednesday, I was awoken in a state of panic. Tempering my fear with a quick roll of my tongue I count each tooth to see if they're there.
This dream is too real.
Last night a crazy dentist in a dim lit basement was fitting me for dentures. There was no other alternative. I wasn’t even a candidate for those porcelain veneers, the ones I call "Hollywood Teeth".
I held on tightly to the bits of broken teeth in the palm of my hand as the crazy dentist began to drill. I then thrust them deeply into a pocket, perhaps as a souvenir or a reminder of what once was.
Memories are like broken bits of bone or shards of being.
You can thrust them deep down into your pockets , but how comforting they are to retrieve.
Transition is as scary as a dentist's drill.

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88heather said...

Hey MB.. I have those teeth type dreams too!! I figure when I have them... i'm stressed.. I hate those dreams.. I wake up thinking I don't have any teeth.. so scary!!

anyway.. you are so on top of things blogging already. I've been a slacker compared to you!!

anyway.. love reading your blog.. even though I don't always post to it!! :0)