Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Puzzle Piece

I made a high pitched squeal and her ears perked up. Her head tilted right, then left and she looked at me with such bewilderment. I often wonder what she is thinking and I have to remind myself that she is just a dog. It's so easy to forget.
With all the thoughts that run through my head, I find myself envying a dog's life. Imagine the simplicity.
I am like her in some respect because when I dig, I get into trouble. I know I am safer behind the studio door. This is where I can suffer the least amount of consequence, or so I believe.
The times that I venture out are the times I find myself lost.
I picture a puzzle I had as a child. My dog, Smokey had chewed one of the pieces . I can recall the frustration I felt not completing the puzzle. I even banged my fists on that chewed piece trying to make it fit.
All my life I have felt that I am that misshapen piece. My gnarled and chewed edges limit me in so many ways.
You can try as hard as you want to make me fit in, but I never will.
Painfully, I have learned to accept this.
Now when I venture out,
I know not to force my edges.
I just place myself a little askew near the rest of the puzzle and it's okay.


Anonymous said...

I check in frequently, but don't always comment. Forgive me.

I love your blog. When I read it, I still feel as though I know you well.


Kelly's Korner said...

Aw! That's what's so great about the craft center here. We're all a little skewed... but somehow when you put us altogether we make a nice picture! Your piece fits just find when you're playing with the right puzzle! :)

corinnea said...

Don't fit, why would you want to? Do you want to fit? Don't you have to change or give up something? Hmmm, I could go on.....
A dog's life is too simple, no opposable thumbs.....

Anonymous said...

"Painfully, I have learned to accept this."

Seems to be you should be proud of the fact that you don't fit into a predetermined mold. If you did, then you would have zero creativity. What would the world be like if all creative people were like the rest? It would be a dull world all gray and tan.