Thursday, August 14, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

16 x 20
on paper
When I read that the male cardinal will spend hours attacking his own reflection in glass surfaces, it reminded me of myself as a teenager. Every night I would spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror attacking every possible pore. I would study myself with intense scrutiny. The other day I saw a teenage boy with an oddly placed band aid on his forehead and it made me smile.
I don't miss that age of uncertainty; so awkward in my own skin.
But I still find myself scrutinizing, only not in front of a mirror.
It's much deeper, more internal.
The male cardinal fights that imaginary intruder he sees in the glass just like a pubescent girl studying herself in the mirror.

1 comment:

corinnea said...

Teenage angst, I am so old now and comfortable in my skin that I hardly remember, sometimes....
I have always loved cardinals. We had a whole family of them in NC. I have enjoyed your delving into the world of birds.