Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Need For Change

"I hate change", she said as she dumped out her coin purse on the table. She picked out all the quarters in the pile. There must have been at least a dozen or so. She wanted to keep him busy with the video games, so the grown ups could talk. She said that it was okay, because they have so much change. They just keep it all in those big red coffee cans and have several throughout their house. Every once and awhile they go to one of those coin machines and turn it into "real" money.
Her husband hated change just as much as she. An annoying clinking sound always signaled his return from work with each hateful coin dropping into the can.
At that time
the conversation turned to politics and all the change that is happening in the nation. She noticed the play on words, but kept it to herself. She didn't know the other couple too well and didn't want to appear foolish.
She always hated when the subject of politics came up with new friends. You see, she's never voted and neither has her husband. This topic is as dangerous as religion. Talking about either one and your skating around a danger zone.
As it turned out the other couple had never voted either.
They talked about the need for change and if Americans are prepared for it, but not for too long.
Fortunately, the subject changed.
Another play on words she held under wraps.
She then reached deep in her purse and found another handful of quarters, more change.
When the boy had returned to the table, she told him he could keep the change. She had no need for it.
You should have seen the look on his face.
You see, for some people change is a good thing.
I will return next Tuesday.
I won't be blogging for a change.
Talk to you then.
Have a good Labor Day Weekend

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Anonymous said...

I need change.
Excellent play on words.