Tuesday, September 2, 2008


16 x 20
acrylic collage
on paper

Who knew that winter her heart would become as hard as the frozen ground.
The day he left her she needed to loose herself in a pint of rocky road, maybe more.
When she opened the freezer she noticed a zip locked bag she'd never seen before.
Inside held a frozen dead bird, one of Mister Man's bestowed gifts awaiting burial.
Once on a good day you'd find him with a bird in his mouth at the back step, twice on even a better one, and always beaming with pride.
In her haste she bent the spoon. She just couldn't wait for the ice cream to soften.
She knew the Spring time would yield a softer ground and for her a softer heart.
Then she could bury the little bird beneath the big oak tree in the backyard.
She placed the bag back into the freezer and wondered how he could have been so compassionate to save the little bird and not their marriage.
Either way they both were dead
and another pint of rocky road would not bring them back.


Kelly's Korner said...

Beautiful painting! Are you compiling these stories to combine for a book? If not, you should!

corinnea said...

Beautiful painting. Haunting writing.

thorngren said...

Thank you to my readers in Germany!
This is not autobiographical, but about someone I worked for years ago. I hate rocky road, don't own a cat and most importantly, I am happily married. Thanks for always checking in-MB

Kelly's Korner said...

LOL! I was HOPING it wasn't autobiographical! And assuming it wasn't! I still think you should write a book! You write just as beautifully as you paint!