Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Tale of Trees and Teeth

16 x 20
acrylic collage
on paper

It was difficult to ignore what had happened around me, but the truth was I had a dentist's appointment. While the rest of the neighborhood was busy gathering broken branches and chainsawing fallen trees I was fretting in a serious way. The tentacles of Hurricane Ike stung the Miami Valley on Sunday. There were record winds the likes of which Dayton had never seen.
Luckily, our tress were still standing, minus a few branches and about a half dozen bags of leaves.
This gave me permission to concentrate on the matter at hand, the dreaded dentist. Over the years I've grown accustomed to chewing my food on the left side. I just assigned it to getting old, like the odd way I have to go downstairs. It's a sideways gait one stair at a time. It's painful, but more so for the person behind me.
Yesterday was just a meet and greet with my new dentist. Why they do this is beyond me. I have to go back in 3 weeks for him to tell me the "findings".
In the meantime I'll endure the pain. I've put up with it for this long.
On the drive home I was able to access all the wind damage to the tune of, " lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!" with the words, "trees broken, branches strewn, and leaves amass, oh my!"
Once home I saw the fallen Linden tree that barely missed the house across the street with it's broken, exposed roots, I was back to fretting about my teeth.
I winced when I heard the buzz of a chainsaw, because it reminded me of the dentist's drill.
Then I put my work gloves on and began gathering branches.


Norma's Nonsense said...

I just had to comment to you on your blog. I so admire your talent, your art and stories are beautiful..

corinnea said...

K, yikes, I really need to go to the dentist too.... I personally am going to look at your painting and not think of the dentist right now..

Anonymous said...

We are both Ike victims! Steve and I are on day 5 with no power. I'm no camper. Boo!

Kelly's Korner said...

Hurricane Ike did that much damage in OHIO???? Wow, bummer. Glad you're ok hurricane wise... sorry about your dental pain.