Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Finito! I am pretty pleased with this one. I still have to paint the stupid gallery wrapped sides.

While I was painting today I thought about this toy I had growing up-The Lemon Twist .I don't know why I thought of it.I guess I was thinking about how obsessed I was with it.I would do it for hours every day. Do you remember it? Here is a picture I found online.I wish I still had mine. I bet I couldn't do it anymore.It wouldn't even go around my cankles! In case you can't remember that long ago-like 35 years, here are the directions: According to the Lemon Twister package:
1. Place one foot into spinning loop about ankle high.
2. Starting with the Lemon extended outward, swing Lemon in a forward loop as you raise foot slightly off the ground.
3. As Lemon comes around towards other foot, raise that foot high enough for Lemon to swing clearly under it.
4. Continue the Lemon swinging on one foot as you jump over it with the other foot, using a sort of “jog-in-place” action.
5. After a little practice you’ll be able to “jog forward” as you hop, skip and jump over the rotating Lemon.

I am so glad I grew up in the 70's...............


LESA CRANE said...

Hey MB,
I had no idea how talented you are! John is here and we are eating pizza tonight with my friend Shirley, her boys, Robert and James and our boys Nelson and Nathan. We miss you. I will miss you this week end at the out-laws, I mean in-laws! Krystal is having a baby shower, (such a shame to be so young and single and....). I think it is a boy. She is registered at Walmart, if your interested. I'm sure she needs a lot of stuff. The girls are having an all girl "Slumber Party" Have you ever heard of those. I am not going, I can't take that stuff, I guess I'm getting too old.
Take care love the paintings,

88heather said...

I had a lemon twister!! I loved that thing.. Do you remember kick and go's? A scooter but you kicked the back pump so you could keep going?

Anyway.. LoVe LOVE LOVE this painting!!! So excited to see that you are just kicking these painting out!!!!