Tuesday, August 21, 2007

yesterday and today

I wanted to share with you a few pages from an altered book that I did after my grandmother passed away almost two years ago.
I had taken a class in college called Art Of The Book. Since then the whole scrapbooking craze has taken over providing oodles of different tools and techniques.
The whole process of making this book was very therapeutic.
I took careful consideration choosing each image and was able to reflect upon many good memories.
Mimi loved butterflies. She even had a bathroom wallpapered with them.
She was a member of the Browning club which I never knew was a group of women who met to discuss Robert and Elizabeth Browning's work. As a child I thought it was the brownie club and they just served brownies.
She also was a devout Catholic and probably still is....I guess some things don't change in Heaven.
She loved to play solitaire and would play for hours on end. Something I just can't understand, but I am sure there are things we all do for enjoyment that others find questionable (I really like public radio).
I haven't done another altered book since then. Perhaps, this was just my creative outlet as a way to hold on to Mimi just a little bit longer.

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bbtinholting said...

What a nice commentary about your Mimi. She must have been a remarkable person to have influenced her beautiful grand daughter with so much talent and love for the universe.