Saturday, August 18, 2007


went to downtown Stuttgart today. Every Saturday they have a flea market in the Marktplatz. So many interesting things to see, but nothing you can't live without.
How about a stuffed marmot to compliment the African sculpture portraying a primitive breast exam?
We had lunch at an Australian restaurant and had emu. My thought is that if everything tastes like chicken, why not just serve chicken?
Not that there is an over abundance of chickens, but probably more so than emu. I am not exactly sure what an emu is, to be quite honest. I can only picture something like it in a Dr. Seuss book I had when I was young.
John goes back to work on Monday. I guess tomorrow he will be in mourning. We can get back to a schedule and I promise to finish that painting. His surgery was a great success. He can breathe so much better now and I am still crossing my fingers or pressing my thumbs , as the Germans do, that it fixed the snoring problem.

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88heather said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better!!!