Monday, November 5, 2007

I am not God

She is finished except for a few highlights on her right arm.
This is actually the second portrait painting that I have ever done. The first was a complete disaster which ended a friendship. Two years ago my German neighbor wanted me to paint a portrait of her parents for Christmas. She was leaving town beforehand and wouldn't be back until X-mas day. She left me with one photo to work from and a horrible one I might add. They were both frowning. I had to improvise so they wouldn't appear so hideous. I did the best I could. I sent her e-mails of the work in progress and even one of finished painting. She never expressed disappointment.
Christmas morning was an entirely different story. I recieved a phone call saying that her parents were not happy and they wanted to know why they were so ugly. I felt that it wasn't a question that should be directed to me, but rather to the "Big Man Upstairs". I painted exactly what I saw in the photo.
There is an art to painting portraits. One I need to explore further. I am not worried about ending the friendship with the father of this little girl. Although it was a challenge to paint, I didn't need to improvise. She is a little angel.

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