Sunday, November 25, 2007

White glove test

After any big event one might ask themselves one simple question,"if I had it to do over again what would I have done differently?"
At this moment I am not wishing for that possibility, but only wondering how I could have done it better.
Would I have invited our German neighbors to my first Thanksgiving?
This is the question.
I had spent an exorbitant amount of time cleaning my house. I was prepared for the white glove test from Ingrid. She had us over to her house a while ago for dinner and I swear we could have eaten off the floor.
The Germans are notoriously good at cleaning.
Everything seemed to be going well until she excused herself to go to the bathroom. This I knew was my ultimate test. While the rest of my house looked fairly clean by candlelight, this was her chance to break out the white glove in private behind the bathroom door. I sat nervously chatting with the other guests for what seemed like an eternity. She returned with a horrified look upon her face requesting "essig". Essig.. essig I knew this word. I’d seen it on the menu at our favorite gasthouse, but why does she want salad dressing? Then it dawned on me, the word ’essig" is always paired with oil... AHHH she wants vinegar. Vinegar to clean my bathroom. I didn’t pass the test. Begrudgingly, I handed her the bottle of vinegar and off she went to clean my bathroom and then on to kitchen.
So back to the question.. Would I invite the Germans to Thanksgiving again?
The answer, why yes, but a couple of days early to help me clean.


mohamed kamal hassan said...

i s a long time to translate ur post.

but i was very happy !!

you have a wonderful wording.

Next visit,
maybe post a comment to share you better than this one.
welcome back

thorngren said...

Thanks Mohamed, I am glad you enjoy it. I wish to read your blog, but cannot translate.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that lady can come to my house anytime. I will supply the vinegar and she can go to work. What does she charge? A little turkey and dressing??