Wednesday, November 14, 2007


For me there was never a fork in the road, just a pile of useless kitchen utensils.
It wasn't until I chose the right path that I learned how to use each one...............
My recent discovery of a very hidden talent for cooking has prompted me to host my first Thanksgiving dinner. John's parents are visiting us from West Virginia and I have invited Manuella and her parents.
My childhood memories of Thanksgiving have me sneaking most of the black olives from the relish tray and watching football with the men. The women did their thing in the kitchen and I wanted no part of it.
Here it is decades later and I am planning a menu for 8 people.
Trepidation is defined as a state of alarm, dread, or apprehension.
I have a 15 pound turkey and a German oven no bigger then my head,
which may be a good thing in case I resort to such peril.

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Anonymous said...

With a 15 lb turkey, you won't have to worry about what to do with the leftovers, because there won't be any when there are that many at the table. Good Luck with the dinner. I'm sure you'll do fine.