Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Belvedere

The Italian term Belvedere refers to a vantage point where there is a beautiful view into the distance. The site of the Belvedere in Vienna is located on a narrow piece of land that gently ascends, providing a wonderful view of the city. There are two palaces; the Upper Belvedere and the Lower, separated by a formal garden.
The highlight of the Upper Belvedere collection was the work of Gustav Klimt. John and I wanted to take our usual "kiss picture" in front of The Kiss (seen in the middle of the photo collage). Again, there were no photos allowed. No sour grapes this time, except the painting was enclosed behind glass and an alarm went off when I leaned into close.
We crossed the garden in the dead of winter to go to the Lower Belvedere. I can only imagine how pretty it would be in the Spring.
Here we saw a Vermeer painting that I had never seen before. I am sure that I studied it in school, but that was so long ago. Luckily, I found this website that allows you to study the painting more closely. This way I can avoid the embarrassing alarms.

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