Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Them Bones,Them Bones

The Catacombs in St.Stephen's Dome

I must give credit where credit is due.

John took these photos 3 years ago when he was in Vienna.

Being the competitive artist that I am, I couldn't wait to outdo his efforts.

Imagine my dismay when I politely asked the snippy Austrian tour guide if I could take a few pictures and he treated me like I was some kind of pervert for not respecting the dead.

Believe you me, my photos would have been respectful. I had envisioned interesting compositions from different angles in extreme contrast.

As I placed my little camera back in it's case, I began to experience what is known as sour grapes.

Telling myself that it just was a pile of bones anyways, there were many more great photos opportunities in Austria, and what kind of deranged person would want to look at photos of human bones.

Clearly, it's just disrespectful to the dead.

So you can blame John for taking these photos.

I would never dream of such a thing.


Anonymous said...

"Dem bones" look like "dry bones" to me.
Good story!
I look forward to your blog everyday.

JafaBrit's Art said...

ugh, sounds like that tour guide needed to have a bone removed from you know where, ah hem!!!!! Seriously, was there as sign stating NO PHOTOGRAPHS!

Me I would have liked to have seen photos of them, culturally it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

When we went to the Chapel of the Bones in Evora Portugal, you had to purchase a 'camera license' for 50 cents. We read about that little detail and thought "50 cents". Sure, we'll pay it. But if you're going to charge admission, why not just include the 50 cents in the fee, right? Well, whatever. Looks very similar to what we saw. Lurking Lisa