Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Remember The Windows

We may be familiar with the writer E.B. White who wrote Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, but you may not know that he also wrote for the New Yorker.
Every year he wrote a message about Christmas. His message for Christmas 1952 is very good and still rings true today.
One year he was struggling to write something new and different and recalled a lunch he had earlier that month with his 92 year old aunt. He felt bad for not arriving earlier in the Autumn to take her on a drive to see the changing leaves. She was from a more formal and slower paced world. She told him not to worry because, "remembrance is sufficient of the beauty that we have seen". This response inspired his Christmas message that year, which focused on the remembrance of traditions that each of us hold dear.
This message made me realize all the beauty I have seen while traveling through Europe.
Attempting to capture it all with my little camera seems futile.
I am afraid that relying on my memory alone will never be sufficient. It is already proving so.
The slide show above shows all the beautiful windows that I notice on our travels. Hardly sufficient when I am not sure where some of them were taken..........


Anonymous said...

nice photos!

Anonymous said...

"That's some bad hat, Harry"