Friday, December 7, 2007

Crooked and Open Doors

I have this reoccurring dream where I am checking all the locks on the windows and doors of my house before I go to sleep. All locked and secure, I discover a room I have never seen before. The door is wide open, swinging back and forth; a mockery of my security. The deep black night with all it's uncertainty is free to enter into my insecure home.
Sometimes, the unknown room has a closed door, but it is crooked and will not close completely. The gap above and below the frame shatter the sense of security I am desperately seeking. Pieces of the night cast triangles through the unknown room.
Each time I discover this room, I am perplexed. I should have known it was there.
I believe it is a part of my psyche that has not been explored. The open door may symbolize adventure while the crooked door tries unsuccessfully to harbor it. It is an internal struggle.
The dream is not a fearful one, but more so, a curious one.
I guess
there is always a little room of hidden insecurity when discovering new places..........

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