Monday, March 17, 2008

Bizarre Bazaar

'It's over, it's finally over', I keep telling myself as I sit at my computer with heavy eyelids from lack of sleep, swollen feet from standing too long, and a slight headache from being "on" with a smile.
Are you curious about how it went? Was it a success?
Knowing that success can only be determined from one's pre- set goals, I feel I may have misjudged my audience here on the military base.
Does success equal lots of money? Perhaps, not all the time. The people that bought were most deserving of my work and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The stories I have with each purchase are priceless. Here are just a few. The young couple who bought the landscape of Monetepulciano are planning a trip there this December. How exciting that a beautiful memory of mine now hangs above their fireplace. Also serving as a calendar counting the days to their own vacation, which will one day remind them of their own beautiful memories. Art can be powerful for those that can appreciate it.
The cute little girl who's mommy said she could pick out a painting for her room. Such discerning taste for an 11 year old, she spent quite a bit of time looking through all my work. Her mind was made up with a sunflower painting. When mommy came to pay she told her that the posters of Johnny Depp would have to come down because now she has a piece of real art. Sorry Johnny.
Katherine and I spent most the time laughing, but that really is nothing new. I composed a little lyric which will help illustrate my audience, a bit of a coping mechanism, you might say.........
There was a young woman who had a red kitchen
Finding no art to match
She couldn't stop bitchin
Trying to "Keep with the Jones' "
She couldn't compete
Alone in her kitchen suffering defeat
and I with my memories
Yet no sales receipt


Anonymous said...

Hi MB, You are so funny, love your blog. I am glad that your art exhibit turned out well, sorry to hear about the feet though. Now I guess it is time to plan the vacations and house hunting. Carol

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a layout! That's a testiment to your hard work and commitment to having a fabulous show. I hope you made some money for your effort.

Would love to hear more, when you've rested up and all of the swelling has gone down. Good Job! Lurking Lisa

88heather said...

MB!! Your booth was awesome and work even better than pictures! Wow!!

Congrats on the sales and very cool stories to go along with it!! :0)