Monday, March 24, 2008


I decided to
return to my abstract work today for a change. Looking through my boxes upon boxes of scraps, I found the word, foundation.
The word got me thinking about so many things.
The way we walk;
the direction we are going and have been before; and
the impressions that we make upon each different
surface- a collage of sorts.
Each day I walk my dogs in snow, mud, or grass.
Most days I go with Manuella, my neighbor ,who has 3 little dogs.
She also has 4 horses, 2 cats, and a bunny. I believe that people who own so many creatures have an innate ability to understand and train these animals, especially horses.
She is a wealth of knowledge and I am always learning a new horse or dog tid-bit.
Today she told me that it takes about a year to train a horse to gallop properly. I had no idea that horses were taught this. I thought it was natural.
Her last words before we parted were that they forget faster than they have learned.
That brought me full circle with the meaning of foundation. I pictured a horse galloping with effortless grace. The hind legs reaching forward to the front legs. The importance of maintaining such mastery led me to this poem .
Cautious steps for many years
too slight for prints in sand
have made me walk a stronger walk
by reaching
for His hand.


Distressing Delilah said...

That is so beautiful..the is the collage. I saw a baby horse was so beautiful I just wanted to stand there and look at it all day! Can't imagine anyone not loving animals!

Anonymous said...

Love the poem and the painting. Lurking Lisa

88heather said...

I so love your abstracts.. now if only I could do an abstract so beautiful..

enjoyed our lunch yesterday!! :0)