Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Near the end

Deruta Pitcher II

acrylic on canvas


This is the other painting I am donating to the raffle. I had planned this to be the last one , but I still have a few empty canvases haunting my studio and my mind. Tomorrow the show will be exactly one week away. I still need to get prices on everything. I have been putting that off to the last, because that will finalize this journey. In a way, I don't want it all to end. I have been working for this goal-the bazaar- for over a year. It scares me, because I don't have a reason to paint after this, not here in Germany. I wish I could just paint for enjoyment and for myself.

I guess my next painting venture will present itself, once we get settled in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

The pitchers are great. I am excited to hear about your international art exhibit, how fabulous. I printed your Bramasole picture and put it in my office, you will do great with your artwork at the showing. Carol

JafaBrit's Art said...

All the best with your show :) I am sure we will find you plenty of reasons to paint in ohio :)

thorngren said...

Thanks Corinne-I can't wait! I wish June would hurry up and get here.