Friday, March 28, 2008

Patrick's Apples

Patrick's Apples
16 x20
collage on paper


Anonymous said...

hello mary beth,
i hope you can remember to me and philip of last saturday in gleis...
it´s a nice blog with interesting and nice pictures. when can we see you again in calw in gleis??

Greetings -Angelo- :-)

thorngren said...

We are traveling the next couple of weekends in April. I am not sure when we will go again. Thanks for looking at my blog-MB

splenda said...

I too feel I forget faster than I learn, just like the horses.
i have been searching for you. Thinking of you,telling stories about you, missing you. wondering.
I love your art and your writings. i'm fond of the birds, i've been working with the image of the blue jay a lot. I hope to hear from you my friend. My number is still the same. i am unfamiliar with blogs so I don't know if you will get my e-mail. love love love

thorngren said...

Brenda- Splenda OMG!
I have been searching for you TOO!
Email me at