Monday, July 23, 2007


First day on the third sunflower painting and yes that background is hideous! I have something in mind and that's not it. The whole painting needs more contrast-check back tomorrow-hopefully it looks better.
Schatzi chewed a pair of my favorite sandals today, I was a little preoccupied while trying to get this one started.
Isn't it funny how when you place importance on an inanimate object ; it ends up being destroyed, lost, or stolen?
I wore those sandals to the festival this weekend and thought I was really cool. I got them a thrift store a few years ago.They were from American Eagle and completely out of style back then-kinda platformed Birkenstocks, but I loved them. They made me feel tall.
Having a puppy keeps you focused on things that are more important,unlike shoes. Although, there was a time in my life when shoes were my main focus. Buying a new pair filled that void. When I met John, I had way over 100 pairs from many years of void filling. We had a big garage sale before we moved to Germany and I got rid of most of them. Some nights when I can't sleep instead of counting sheep, I count all the shoes I used to have.

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