Friday, July 20, 2007

today and a little tomorrow

Date Night Friday Night
We happened upon an American Sports Bar in the middle of a tiny town called Calmbach.
Since there were no cars in the parking lot,we were a little reluctant.We decided to give it a whirl because our big blue Jeep Cherokee with the American flag decal would make such a statement.
John ordered fajitas and I got a cheeseburger-the closest to American-Faire in the 2 years that we've been here. Our waitress spoke very good English and was eager to learn more.She has dreams of becoming a nanny in America. I wish her well.
We are going to a Medieval Festival tomorrow and will be staying the night.I will update Sunday evening with some pictures. I plan to take some exciting ones with the jausting tournament.

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88heather said...

Yeah!! I can finally make comments to you! Was having trouble with everything in German.. as I don't speak it!

The little restaurant looks so good! Love the statue in front of it..

Looking forward to hearing about this festival you are going to.

Ok.. hope to get some painting time in this morning, but I keep get distracted surfing the net!

talk later!