Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Just got back from spending a wonderful week with my family in Dallas. I say Dallas out of habit, because that is where I grew up. A few years ago they moved to Shady Shores, which is near Lake Lewisville and is getting nearer and nearer with all the rain that they have had this summer.
I was able to cook a few meals for them and everybody, as you can see, got to indulge. These little guys make the ideal waste disposal.
Texas was hot and steamy, as usual. I guess if you have never lived anywhere else in your lifetime, you don't notice it as much. You quickly navigate yourself from one air conditioned place to the next. I remember wearing linen dresses and never having to iron them because of the humidity.
I am very jet-lagged and have a lump on my head where I tried to wedge it between the seat and the window to get comfortable.I think I only slept 10 minutes the whole flight. The flight attendant assumed I was German so I kept it that way. I actually pulled it off- I made sure she didn't see the book I was reading.
Planning to start painting next week.

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