Thursday, July 26, 2007


This one is finished-so no more sunflowers for a while. The exhibit of all four will be showing at a mall near you.
The other day a woman in France was charged for kissing a Cy Twombly painting. He is one of my favorite American Abstract painters. She told the press that she was overcome with passion in front of the work and just couldn't help herself. While I understand being thunderstrtuck, I do not understand the lack of appreciation to deface a work of art.
Her red lipstick stain was a testimony to the moment, to the power of art.
I cried in front of Botticelli's Birth of Venus; almost fell over the velvet rope in front of Rembrandt's Night Watch ; and was in complete disbelief seeing Fra Angelico's Annunciation.
The power of art.........
I will never forget the piece that my agent saw that made her want to represent me. I was in a show in a cooperative gallery in Denver.It was our first show and I really wanted to have this great painting. I had worked all night before finishing which turned out to be an ugly mess and had been cleaning my brush on a piece of paper in back of me. I turned and noticed there was an image of a griffin in the brushstrokes. I took a piece of charcoal and outlined it .I had it framed the next morning to hang in the show.
The woman in France is being tried August 16th in a court in Avignon for defacing the work of art worth 2 million.
Is it a Crime Of Passion? Or a Passionate Crime?

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