Friday, September 7, 2007

today and tomorrow

Today's painting 4x6
garlic and onion

Previously I was the visual director for a department store in Colorado. I lived in 4 different cities in the course of 10 years. Each city provided a new start along with a new set of friends.
Coincidentally, in each city I became friends with German women. I remember asking myself, "What is it with me and the Germans?"
I suppose I was just drawn to their free- spirited ways.
Each friend was similar, because they were always up for a good time.
There was no waiting for the weekends with these girls, resulting in my daily morning addiction to Starbucks’ vanilla lattes
How funny that a few years later I would be living in Germany. Since then I have figured out the answer to my question. I have found most Germans are festive by nature and how could they not be?
They can find just about any reason to celebrate.
As if they need an excuse to drink their great beer and wine.
In Autumn every village advertises their particular festival in celebration of their harvest. An opportunity for family and friends to gather. I don't recall such events back in the States other than the obligatory holiday or birthday. Don't get me wrong, but it appears they actually enjoy spending time with their families.
Not that I don't. It just seems well, different that's all.
Since I have grown older, it has become increasingly harder to be festive on the week nights but, I am not so old that I cannot celebrate during the weekends- not yet, at least.
Tomorrow we are going to Pfronten, a town in the Bavarian Alps to see the cows come home.
During the summer months cows are held in the mountains to allow them to feed in the best alpine pastures. In the beginning of Autumn the alpine dairy men gather the herd and transfer them back down to the valley, providing a rich celebratory festival.
And yet,
another excuse to drink good beer in Germany.
Exciting photos to follow..............after Starbucks of course..

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88heather said...

Nice painting MB!!!.. Very nice! Are you going to sell them at the bazaar? there's one in Heidelberg in October.