Friday, September 14, 2007

yesterday and tomorrow

Cafe Bar Cortona
20 x 20

When In Rome Do As The Romans Do............

It will be a challenge to
adhere to this saying when we are in Rome next week.

September 13th,2007 marked the first pasta strike in Italy due to a 20% price increase.
Manufacturers say the main reason is that many farmers are replanting their wheat fields to take advantage of the demand for bio fuels. Wheat stocks worldwide are at the lowest levels in 25 years.
The one day strike was a symbolic gesture to express the citizen’s feelings on the matter. Italians refused to buy pasta at supermarkets and restaurants and agreed not to eat it at home.
It goes without saying that Italians love their pasta.
With Italians consuming 51 pounds per year compared to North Americans who eat 151/2 pounds, how could they possibly go one day without? A recent poll found 50% of Italians preferred a good plate of pasta to sex. Keep in mind, Italians are known for their amorous nature.

For those unable to bear the sacrifice, strike organizers set up emergency stations offering free bread and milk to ease the pain of carbohydrate depletion.
Since the strike was only one day, I don’t think it will effect us. Maybe there will more pasta for us!
I am concerned about an espresso strike, since espresso has also seen a price increase.
I can only hope there will be emergency stations set up to combat my caffeine withdrawal.


88heather said...

I love that painting .. I remember that painting from the art sale..
Did you start a cafepress store? That would be way cute on their tiles.. Or a kitchen clock??

Love reading your blog!!

thorngren said...

I just ordered tiles this morning and aprons.